The Second EP

by Eric K

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released October 25, 2016



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Eric K Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Siege Cracking
Tear these words, the syllables, the stress,
another blunt instrument.

Loud words speak louder still,
cross-hatched the radio film,
under glass the objective still.

What will escape the retelling?
Whose name slips the noose and
whose will be used?

Sincerity of syntax doesn't catch the rhythm,
of building to break, of falling to rise.

The dull tape machine hiss
is all the proof we'll ever need,
the only sound worth hearing.

The siege cracking in her head.
There will be no sanctuary
from burdens hand carved in stone.
Track Name: Across the Dead Sea
The girl who left her prosthetic limbs
offered to the half-goat's king
never walked again.

Hanging actuaries from abacus wires,
floating on a inner tube across the Dead Sea.
It took her braids, but she would never fall again.
Track Name: Signals Prearranged
I can feel the guillotine across my shoulders,
crowd's cheering now, silent now,
let us know it's over.

I'll blink the signals prearranged
to let you know the head still sees
your hands pushing the body off.
Track Name: I want to see it now
Take me down to river town
where you bring your dreams to drown,
to the shit-stained shore,
the flooded towns.

I want to see it now.
I want to taste the air,
stale and dry, soaked to the bone,
the water deeper than I've ever seen.

Judgment used, lapsed, on high,
the ground grabbing at my feet.

I want to go now,
back to river town.